Allen N. Cowling

False Allegations of Abuse

Without question, false allegations of child abuse as well as convictions based on these allegations, have become nothing short of an epidemic during the past ten years and the obvious question is, why? One major reason for the increase is the mandated reporting law, making it a felony when certain individuals fail to report suspected abuse. As to convictions, often they can be attributed to those prosecutors, social workers and child advocates who have no desire to find the truth, but simply want to validate a child’s accusations, even in some cases where evidence supports that the child accuser was never abused. These save the world vigilantes are responsible for sending hundreds of innocent people to prison solely based on the fact that a child said it happened. Secondly, many convictions are the result of defense attorneys who have no clue as to how to defend these specific types of cases, but because of ego, refuse to associate others who do and, as result, simply stumble through a defense.

A false allegation is a lie and when a child tells it, there is absolutely nothing preventing them from adding to the story. Most do and usually it is because they are trying to please their interviewer. See the link above, “Why Lies Multiply“. Survival for the wrongfully accused means refusing to accept the lie and refusing to become another victim of the system. The lie can be exposed, but only by beginning a proper and aggressive defense as soon as the allegation surfaces. Defending a false allegation of abuse does require expertise. There are no easy or instant solutions. Much to popular belief, there is absolutely no profile and/or no specific characteristics of a molested child or of a child molester. It just does not exist, but prosecutors will attempt to convince a jury that there is through some “quack” doctor and the inexperienced defense counsel allows it in without objection.

In a great many false allegation cases dealing with child sexual abuse, unfortunately, the initial advice given to the accused is let’s wait and see what they have before we do anything. Those giving that advice have no understanding that while waiting, ample opportunity exists for someone to work with that child and, over time, one charge can easily become 10 to 15 individual indictments. When that happens, then the advice normally becomes, accept the plea bargain.

We have a great deal of expertise in preparing a legal defense in false allegation cases, working with individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and in assuring that anyone falsely accused has proper and adequate legal representation. As of January, 2002, we have personally and actively participated in defending clients in 323 false allegation cases, provided 196 consultations and participated in 168 trials in 37 states, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Italy and Brazil.

A conviction for anyone who has been wrongfully accused usually is a result of a totally incompetent defense; investigative, trial preparation, strategy or court presentation. There is absolutely no room for any mistake when defending these cases. Often, immediate and proper action can actually prevent indictments, keeping the entire matter out of the legal system, but timing is critical. Allen Cowling, with more than 36 years of experience as a private investigator and defense strategist, has, for more than a decade, devoted his practice to the specialization of defending false allegations of child abuse, criminal defense preparation, overturning convictions for the innocent and legal malpractice cases for clients, worldwide. We make the impossible possible by providing a “defense strategy” that is designed to expose the lie.

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